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our 3 collections :

.M Series


Many possible finishes, variable surfaces from 650 ft2 to 1750 ft2

In the history of North American architecture, the typical 20th century family home resembled the cottage inherited from anglo-saxon culture and often had a second level to accommodate large families. this is how the m serie was designed in addition to being modular, bioclimatic with low environmental impact. the M Series is suitable for multigenerational occupancy or small condominium.

.e(s) Sence


Available in many versions ranging from 500 ft2 to 1400 ft2

.e(s) Sence defined this type of bungalow, which was inspired by an architectural movement that was called small house in the United States, revisited they are bioclimatic in essence and suitable for carrying materials biobased or home automation as a tool for managing bioclimatic effects.



Available in many versions ranging from 600 ft2 to 1800 ft2

12 first names, 12 stories, 12 women, 12 models…
Bioclimatic, bio-based, modular, with low environmental impact!

Modular, bioclimatic, mood boost, biomimetic, social action